269 Life France recrutes a translator.

Position Objective:

Your role will be to participate in the broadcasting of the non-profit animal rights message of 269Life France by translating the content of our different communication channels. This position may be entrusted to more than one person for the sake of effectiveness.


We trust that you will :

Take on the responsibility to, autonomously or by the use of collective intelligence, translate content such as slogans and banners not only in a linguistically correct way, but also so that it fits into the politico-cultural context in countries where English is the dominant language.

Taking the initiative to invent new slogans from scratch is highly appreciated but not required.


Different types of content to translate :

  • Flyers
  • Philosophical discourses
  • Social media posts
  • The official website
  • Banners
  • Signs/placards
  • Video subtitles

Position requirements:

  • Excellent understanding of English grammar and spelling.
  • An important understanding and experience of the animal rights movement in countries where English is the dominant language.
  • A fluent understanding in reading/writing of the French and English language.
  • A good understanding of the politico-cultural contexts in countries where English is the dominant language.
  • A minimum understanding of the politico-cultural context in France.


This position involves no economic compensation.